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Cabac Day Night Sunset Switch IP66 RATED – HSC110SS – AUSTRALIAN MADE!

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Cabac Day Night Sunset Switch IP66 RATED – HSC110SS – AUSTRALIAN MADE!

Weatherproof Sunset Switch

The Weatherproof Sunset Switch is used to switch outdoors lights (or indoors light when applicable) off when they are not required in daylight.

In its most basic form, the unit senses outdoors light level and switches a relay on and off, thus turning the lights wired to it on or off. Traditionally the lights would turn on during sunset, therefore it is commonly known as a Sunset Switch.

Unlike other models on the market, the CABAC Sunset Switch features more than 1 mode of operation. In fact it is a 3 in 1 device that incorporates 3 different programmed switching modes/sequences.

Mode 1 | Standard mode:
Traditional dusk ’til dawn switching – turns lights on and off when a set level of ambient light is reached.

Mode 2 | Timer mode:
‘OFF’ time after sunset can be set by the installer (useful when the lights are only required to turn on during the 1st part of the night).

Mode 3 | ECO mode (patent pending):
Turns off for a period of up to 35% of the night, adapting and adjusting with the seasons. The unit will turn on for 50% of the length of night then turns off for up to 35% of the night and then turns back on until dawn. This is most useful when returning and leaving home at the beginning of the evening and the dark hours of the morning. This mode provides direct savings as the light is turned off during the night when it is not needed.

Weatherproof Sunset Switch Features
• 3 in 1 patented design
• Easy mode and timer programming using internal DIP switches
• Industry compatible form factor suitable for retrofitting to HPM base
• IP rated product for worry free outdoor installations
• Heavy-duty brass terminals
• Max rated load 2400W (incandescent)
• 15 minute step timer range, up to 15.75 hours (or day break)
• All required parts are supplied including glands and DIP switch tool
• Quick installation with a short warm up time
• Higher power relay – fewer units are needed to control more lights
• Descriptive internal label for easy installation and set-up
• Turn ON/OFF delay stops inadvertent switches

This product has been designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia by CABAC sister company Hendon Semiconductors, a member of the Legend Corporation group.

Technical Data

Voltage 240Va.c. ± 10% 50Hz
Max Load 2400W incandescent, halogen
2400VA fluorescent
(24x36W tubes)
Min Load
Light Switching Level ‘ON’: 15 Lux ± 5 Lux
‘OFF’: 30 Lux ± 10 Lux
Turn ON Delay 1 minute
Turn OFF Delay 1 minute
Timer Range 15 minutes – 15.75 hours,
15 minutes steps
Timer Tolerance
Operating Temperature 0 – 50°C